Nigerian Army Declares Perry Brimah WANTED

Nigerian Army Declares Perry Brimah WANTED

Nigerian Army says it is working with INTERPOL to declare Dr. Perry Brimah, a Nigerian in diaspora wanted over fraudulent global fundraising to provide food for troops fighting in North East Nigeria.

It said its attention was drawn to the “fraudulent and criminal’’ venture by Perry Brimah, tagged “Global campaign to provide food for Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram.’’

Brigadier General Sani Usman Kukasheka, the spokesman of the Army in a statement on Wednesday, urged the general public to provide any information on the whereabouts of “this fraudster.’’


Perry Brimah Included This Video In His GoFundMe Campaign


Usman further alleged that Brimah embarked on the venture “ostensibly to defraud unsuspecting members of the public, especially the international community to fund subversive activities and personal lifestyle.’’

“The criminal is using the following contact points for the fundraising, @ Tel: +1-929-427-5305; Whatsapp: +234-903-420-3031.

“We wish to state that the Nigerian soldiers deployed to the North East or elsewhere, neither lack logistics nor food as the fraudster wants unsuspecting members of the public to believe.

“The Nigerian army never faltered in providing necessary logistics to troops to the extent of providing extras, especially during festive periods,’’ Usman said.



Nigerian Army Declares Perry Brimah WANTED


He declared the move by Perry Brimah as nothing but a scam since there was nowhere in the world where troops were fed through donations by members of the public.

According to him, there have never been complaints of lack of food by soldiers talk less of starvation.

The army spokesman stressed that neither Perry Brimah nor his agents represent the Nigerian Army or its soldiers.

“Whoever believes and fall victim to this criminal act does so at his or her own risk,’’ he said.


Below Is A Copy Of The Fraudulent Appeal Made By Perry Brimah

“The reports are horrific. Nigerians soldiers are starving at the Boko Haram battlefront. They are not given kits, helmets, good working weapons and worse yet, they have no food and have to scavenge to eat. We must support our soldiers who are dying in our defense.

Reports of corruption in the Nigerian military have been blamed for the starvation of our troops and this has not changed despite months of reporting and videos of soldiers complaining. Rather when soldiers protest they are court-martialed and silenced.

We cannot leave our gallant men to keep dying this way.  is a registered NGO and we have supported soldiers and the Civilian JTF over the years.

See a letter of appreciation from the Civilian-JTF that was given to us in honor of our unique assistance: Letter of Appreciation from Borno Civilian-JTF (Click for letter)

Also letter of appreciation from Yobe state government (click for letter)

We solicit your donations which we will use to purchase and provide food for our troops in suit with other NGOs and world bodies and our Civilian-JTF partners to assist with logistics.

Support our troops. They have nowhere else to turn!”


Who Is Perry Brimah ?

Born in Russia and having lived in several countries including the United States, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Ghana and the United Kingdom, Perry Brimah claims to be a medical doctor and well published peer-reviewed scientific researcher with specialization in afflictions of minorities.

He was a Presidential aspirant for the 2019 elections who ended up not becoming a candidate for any of the known political parties. He declared his intention to run for the Presidency since July 2017.

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