Chimamanda Adichie And Her Brand Of Genius

I used to like Chimamanda Adichie a lot. The first day I met her was the last day I did. She was quite different from what I’d imagined. More physically beauty, then her thinking varied quite a lot from the person I’d built up in my mind from reading Purple Hibiscus.

Chimamanda Adichie is a very brilliant human being, but even for a her, knowledge has its limits, and she needs to respect that…we all need to respect that.

I like that she questions norms and challenges cultures. What she has to do is stop trying to impose her own beliefs on us all, and understand we’re not characters in her books.

By the way, I support her view on holding the door. My concern is that she has a lot of these theories which she needs to test in a small-scale experiment before releasing to the general public.

A more serious matter when it comes to Chimamanda, and her view of life is that many people easily abandon their own right to reason, and surrender to the opinions of those they see as geniuses.

For as long as the genius continues to say things which are ‘safe’, their fans who have given up gray matter will continue to support those views fanatically. Immediately the genius begins to tread on more touchy subjects, those same followers will then split into two halves.

Half 1 will turn on their genius thought leader, and half 2 will turn against half one, and anyone who dares to challenge the genius leader.

I look at Denzel Washington and his regular video nuggets of great wisdom. Everyone loves him now, but wait till he starts touching on issues of racism, and how the African-American populace has aided racism by the way they treat each other. Just wait!

If they don’t end up finding a gang of women who have been sexually harassed or raped by Denzel, they will discover how he was part of the Trump-Russia connection.

As much as I would love Ms Adichie to continue asking the tough questions, and challenging the non-progressive customs, I hope she tries to test her personal philosophies of life in a small sample before unleashing them on 7 billion people.

Finally, if you’ve all calmed down a little, I’ll like to nominate Chimamanda for Nigeria Vice President 2019. 😀

Nejeeb Bello

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