Ed Sheerans ‘Shape of You’ Gets A Spoken Word Makeover By Wayne Samuel

It has long been the case that hit songs get covered and or remixed by singers. Indeed many have taken this route to stardom, be it Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and who can forget when Chigul hilariously covered Adele’s ‘Hello’. Now the winner of Nigeria’s foremost Spoken Word competition ‘War of Words’ has taken the trend in an unexpected direction, as he has adapted Ed Sheerans ‘Shape of You’ to poetry.

Perhaps most thrilling of this marriage of genres is that the artiste doesn’t fall into the usual trappings of hybrid creations. The track doesn’t sound forced, as the instrumental is an acoustic cover of the original. And the chorus (yes, the spoken word has a chorus!) is sang by Osan, a Edo based crooner who sounds like a mix of Ed Sheeran himself and Nigeria’s very own Johnny Drille.


Ed Sheerans 'Shape of You' Gets A Spoken Word Makeover By Wayne Samuel


The plot isn’t thrown out here, as the poet takes Sheerans romantic narrative into new and exciting territory, unleashing a torrent of puns that the Englishman would be proud of with lines like ‘She always follows her HEART, and lately her CIRCLE isn’t really where it’s at/ And all LINES led her here, like a TRAPEZIUM sometimes leads into a SQUARE’. Its not every day you see an artist use maths creatively, and it’s not everyday you see a Nigerian Spoken Word poet cover a pop-folk singer.

Download the sizzling track here. https://goo.gl/zTReBH

Watch this space for more from the poet. ( https://goo.gl/JTSLrJ )

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