Get FREE Online Marketing From Bar Baric Digital Nigeria

Get FREE Online Marketing From Bar Baric Digital

Bar Baric Digital has been in the online marketing space of Nigeria since 2010. We’re located in Lagos, and offer Digital and Social Media Marketing to Small Businesses, Artists, Actors, Music & Movie Producers, AD & PR Agencies, and also Event Planners.


Bar Baric Digital Offers FREE Social Media and Online Marketing to Nigerian Businesses


With more than 250,000 fans and followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn, the Bar Baric Social Media network connects businesses and individuals to the most diversified network of Nigerians comprising online audiences segmented across various accounts including:



At the onset of the erratic currency exchange rates in November 2014, Bar Baric Digital started cutting off online ADs charged in Dollars, and today, we only offer online marketing campaigns which cost Naira, being Influencer Marketing Campaigns across our social media accounts, as well as banners and sponsored stories on our website and other Nigerian blogs and websites. This helped for about two years, till the economy got to where it is today.

As the economy slides into a recession, advertising across Nigerian platforms has also become a burden as businesses are trying to cut costs to save for raw materials, staff salaries, and higher power costs. With this in mind, Bar Baric Digital has created an avenue on our website through which Small Businesses and Individuals can promote their offerings absolutely for FREE!


Get FREE Online Marketing From Bar Baric Digital - Bar Baric Digital Offers FREE Social Media and Online Marketing to Nigerian Businesses



Log unto and click on the “Sumbit An Article” tab, or click directly on . Post a very DETAILED Press Release of your product, service, music, art, event, movie, video, or app along with a good quality image or flyer, as well as links to other multimedia (video, audio, website, app, image) required. Such posts will be edited and published on the Bar Baric website, and also automated to share at least once daily across the entire Bar Baric Social Media Network for one week.

This service is absolutely FREE, and will remain so in the future, even for the multi-billion Naira companies who are feeling the recession pinch a little harder than it really is. 🙂

Follow us, like us, and also email us!  We’re everywhere, so you can get immediate resolutions to issues you may have about our online marketing offers or packages:

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  1. I just like to be part’of (ba baric ) it is more inspired
    My dream.i can I change my life’ with marketing my
    Production as a video editing.

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