Hire A spoken Word Artist To Host Your Event

Wayne Samuel - Spoken Word Artist

So you’ve got an event upcoming and you need a little entertainment, or maybe just another way to deliver your message. Well look no further than a Spoken Word Artist (https://www.instagram.com/p/BTM64hBlQnT).

Spoken Word is a performance art that is word based. It has been hailed as the next entertainment industry after music, and would be a great way to elevate your secular or religious events for the following reasons.


Wayne Samuel Performing ILL 4 GRACE Spoken Word Poetry


Wayne Samuel Performing SHAPE OF YOU Spoken Word Version


•Exclusive Content: Spoken Word Artiste are the only external feature that can write along the lines of your intentions. A musician can only perform a pre-recorded song but an SWA is notified on time can research and perform a piece specific to your needs.

•Cost: Unlike music and dance, poetry is still in its infancy in the country. Thus the cost of their services are a lot less expensive and will go a long way in helping your budget.

•Clarity: Say you have an outdoor event, or unfortunately poor sound equipment . A rapper would be near inaudible. But SWA‘s are highly adaptable.

•Adaptability: Rappers will be unsuitable for a high class, sophisticated event. Musicians would fit in awkwardly at what is expected to be an energetic event. But SWA’s are highly adaptable, not only in terms of content but delivery.

•Professionalism: In this case you’re getting a veteran whose works have been featured on radio and television by Raypower FM and GreatPathTv on DSTV. He has also performed before crowds of thousands.


Wayne Samuel - Spoken Word Artist

Wayne Samuel who was a runner up at War Of Words (Nigeria’s premiere Spoken Word Competition) and perhaps the most consistent SWA in the country, is now opening his services for all.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a Spoken Word Artiste today.

For bookings call or message : +234 903 305 6329

Or just check out the artiste on instagram @waynesamuelle

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