MAX Okada, On-Demand Ride Hailing App solving Traffic Challenge in Lagos

Traffic jam is a major challenge in the city of Lagos. MAX Okada, an On-Demand Ride Hailing App which is one of the services provided by Metro Africa Xpress (MAX) is helping Lagosians beat traffic daily, as Lagosians can now quickly request a motorcycle – taxi only by clicking a button on their mobile phone.

Traffic jams are not an African thing, Major cities around the world experience traffic jams, Lagos; the economic capital of Nigeria is no exception.

The Lagos state government has tried unsuccessfully to solve this traffic gridlock, but the fact is that Lagos is not infrastructure prepared for the menace.

The good thing is that Lagos has not stopped working as young, upwardly mobile Lagosians are finding new and innovative ways to beat this menace and continue about their daily hustle.

When Lagosians book a ride on the MAX Okada app, a power bike arrives to transport passengers from their pick up locations to their preferred destination. The bikes are not restricted by the ban placed on motorbikes below 200 cc by Lagos state government under Fashola in 2012 and are thus able to reach locations informal motorcycle taxis are typically unable to access.

According to Chinedu Azodoh, co-founder and CTO of Metro Africa Xpress (MAX), requesting a MAX Okada ride is very easy, you simply put in your pickup location and destination on the MAX Okada app, get a fare estimate to help you decide if you are willing to take the ride, and place a “Request”, after which the app proceeds to connect you with the closest “Champion”.

When your MAX Okada driver (or champion as they are called) arrives, he hands you a hairnet and helmet and you’re on your way.

When asked about the safety of MAX Okada rides, Ized Uanikhehi, Director of Marketing, PR and Growth explained about the detailed safety culture that is an important aspect of the Champions training.

“We have been following a thorough process of training and verifying our champions to ensure the safety of all our passengers. Rules and regulations regarding riding safely and interacting with our users are taught to our champions in details during the training sessions.” Ized affirmed.

The MAX Okada app is used by a lot of Lagosians and it saves them their time. We cannot wait to see MAX Okada expand to other states in Nigeria this year.

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