Moses Ochie Of FELLYX AND MOZZYX Passed On At 49

Felix and Moses - Moses Ochie of Fellyx and Mozzyx

Moses Ochie, the one half of veteran Nigerian pop duo, Fellyx n’ Mozzyx, is dead. He passed on the night of Saturday 16th June, 2018. He was 49 years old.

The singer, who died in his Lagos home, battled a chronic kidney ailment for seven years. He was reportedly diagnosed with the ailment on Christmas day in 2011. He was preparing for a kidney transplant and hip bone replacement surgery before his death.

His death was confirmed by the board and management of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) who described him as a very talented and committed member of the society.


Moses Ochie of Fellyx n Moses referred to by most as Felix and Moses with his family


COSON’s Head, Corporate Affairs, Chibueze Okereke, said the society took active steps to generate resources to support his treatment, but he passed on before the treatment could commence. His ex-band mate and partner, Felix Eiremiokhae, also took to Facebook to pay his last respects.

He wrote, “So sad but with thankfulness to God for the life he gave to our brother, Moses. It was a seven year battle with kidney issues and for seven years he fought both here in Nigeria and in India where he successfully did a transplant which later failed with complications and he fought to the last day . In 1991, he sang “I wanna be free”, wanting to be free and today, he is free from all the troubles of this sinful world. RIP Moses (FELLYX & MOZZYX) the late 80’s/90’s pop musical group. I believe the angels are smiling welcoming you home with open arms.”

Felix  King Eiremiokhae had been very supportive of his former music partner, and lifetime friend throughout the period of his ailment.


Felix and Moses - Moses Ochie of Fellyx and Mozzyx


In a 2011 interview, Moses detailed how he was diagnosed with the ailment.

“My body started to swell up initially and I thought I was getting fat, but later discovered that it was not normal. Then, when I pressed my body, it was like a loaf of bread soaked in water.

“About two years ago. I was first admitted to a Lagos hospital from where I was transferred to another to get life support. So, while that was going on, I knew that I would need a kidney transplant. Moses Ochei of Fellyx & Mozzyx,” he told PM News.

In the interview, he also revealed that despite their fame, they (Fellyx n’ Mozzyx) were not rich. He also revealed that he quit his job as a marketer in an outfit called EXP Nigeria due to personal reasons.


Moses Ochie of Fellyx n Moses referred to by most as Felix and Moses in hospital


The late singer tried making a comeback into the music industry as a gospel artiste. He was to release his new single ‘Trust in Jehovah’ – a spinoff of Michael Jackson’s ‘Wanna be starting something’, but it is unclear if he ever did.

Mr Ochie and his life-long friend performing as the duo, Fellyx n’ Mozzyx, recorded three albums, ‘Iziegbe’, ‘Free’ and ‘Ruff n Naked’ which titillated music fans in Lagos and beyond in the 90s and thereafter. The albums were released by the then Polygram and now Premier Music label.

Those familiar with Lagos night clubs especially the popular Niteshift Coliseum, will not forget the group that held music lovers spell bound, event after event in a hurry.

One of the country’s first generation hip-hop music groups, some of their classic hits include I Wanna Be Free, Money Come Woman Come, Money Go woman Go among others.

His death comes a week after Reggae musician, Ras Kimono, passed on.


By Jayne Augoye


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