New Gospel Single By Abiodun Bello – I REFUSE TO HEAR

I Refuse To Hear

Hello, People! We present to you a Gospel minister whose name is Abiodun Bello with his stage name prevalently known as St.haybee who previously dropped his single titled “Follow Jesus” way back in year 2012.

The song “Follow Jesus” was written, composed and sang by Abiodun Bello also known as St.haybee under the influence of the Holy Spirit in Hop-hop version to capture the minds of all asunder in recognition of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the intention of evangelism across the globe.

The song “Follow Jesus” had ministered to souls in various churches and was produced by Bobby Saxy and now you wonder what this minister of God has been doing all the way from year 2012 up till date that he hasn’t released another song since then?


I Refuse To Hear - Abiodun Bello


Bible says and I cite ” This isn’t possible with the exception of by petition and fasting ” as we as a whole realize that between the time you implore and the responses to supplicate could be numerous years in our sight as human however to God it is a day, As he won’t dole out whatever is not from the mind of God to people and this has brought about his releasing new single titled “ I REFUSE TO HEAR” and this is a song that will open the minds of people to know how to react to situation in temptation of all sort because temptation does not naturally mean a SIN but our reaction to it can either tell whether or not one is a sinner.

The new single titled “ I REFUSE TO HEAR” was released yesterday and guess what? It’s a powerful Message inform of song.


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