NIGERIA 2019 ELECTIONS – People, Prospects And Preparations For New People In Government

Wazobia TV interviews Nejeeb Bello Oyarese about preparations for the 2019 Elections in Nigeria, how prepared INEC is to ensure the process is up to standards, and how the voters can ensure their votes count.

INEC Must Make Future Elections More Digital & Electronic

I talked about how INEC can make the electoral process easier by making registration and voting more digital. If GTBank can give us secure access to the money in our bank accounts using our phone numbers, emails, and biometric information, then why is INEC unable to implement something similar with voter registration and actual casting of votes?

About 100,000,000 Nigerian have access to the internet, electronic and mobile connectivity. It is very critical that the Independent National Electoral Commission makes registration and voting more convenient. Asking millions of Nigerians to leave their places of work and school in order to register to vote should not continue beyond 2019.

New Nigerian Politicians Must Arise For Nigeria 2019 Elections

Also discussed are the prospects of youths in Governance. How younger, newer candidates can participate in running for office at the different levels, especially with the newly passed Not Too Young To Run bill. I encouraged Nigerians between the ages of 25 and 35 to rise up, get registered to vote, join political parties, and present themselves to be voted for.

New politicians running for office is not necessarily restricted to the young. All the different groups which have been marginalized have to come forth in 2019 and put forward their best foot.

No one is going to give elected positions to them out of pity.

We need more women too. I’m advocating for a fifty percent share of elected offices to women, and even more if they can compete for them. There are many issue about girls and women which only women can fully understand, and being in public office will easily facilitate solutions to those issues.

President Emmanuel Macron Of France As An Example For Youths In Nigeria 2019 Elections

President of France, Emmanuel Macron came to Nigeria, and these 1966 and Civil War politicians are falling over themselves to see him, while at the same time telling Nigerians of his age that they’re not ready to be Governors, or President.

Macron himself made statements indicating the current political set up in Nigeria was not working for the betterment of the future of Nigeria, but maintaining the systems of the past.

Many Nigerian youths assume Macron was able to achieve his feat because France was ready for him, but the French President explained that he was to it wasn’t his time yet, and he was asked to wait his turn.

Mr Macron said if he had asked for permission to do the things he had to do to become President, then he wouldn’t be coming to Nigeria as President during this visit. He urged Nigerian youths to take risks and dare t do the things which were necessary to achieve what they dreamed. All we have to do is reduce the loss they will bear in case of failure.

Financing For New Politicians In The Nigeria 2019 Elections

Financing is a big deal for new aspirants coming into politics to contest for office, and the solution to that problem is crowdfunding using platforms like,, and .

As the older generation of greedy politicians are going around sharing a small percentage of money stolen from the Government back to the people, they are investing that little share of the loot in order to have access to our collective treasury where there’s ten times what they spent.

The new breed of politicians have to understand that in civilized countries, political campaigns are run with donations from the general public. When the general public invest in a candidate, then it is that candidate who now takes up the responsibility of making sure the people get returns on their investment, and they will hold her or him responsible.

Wazobia TV Video:

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