Nigerian Prostitutes Abandon Brothels As They Take Companionship Online -Exotic Nigeria

Ashawo and run girls are some of the names given to prostitutes in Nigeria. While prostitution is said to be one of the world’s oldest professions, not many of the call girls are proud of the labels given to them so some are now becoming online escorts.

Beautiful Nigerian women who had swarmed the streets of Lagos, Accra and other big towns in Nigeria are slowly leaving. While doing our investigation to find out where they were going, we bumped into Exotic Nigeria, a website that contains photos of former back page Nigeria porn girls and other call girls from local brothels.

Nigerian Prostitutes Abandon Brothels As They Take Companionship Online -Exotic Nigeria

After browsing through the website which claims to be providing only advertising services to female escorts in Africa, we decide to start conversation with some of the listed Nigerian girls.

Esther* had been working as a prostitute for many years till she discovered Exotic Africa website two years ago. She had seen the profiles advertised and read stories of how female Nigerian escorts were enjoying healthy working conditions compared to street prostitutes who had to go through rough times in the ashawo joints.

“You can imagine am standing outside Accra Mall waiting to get a client. When that client shows up, he takes me to a pub for some bottles of beer. Later he wants to get sex and then walk away without paying!” explains Esther, who says that working as an ashawo took away all her dignity.

“I had heard about online escorts but thought it was exposing our dirty careers. What I came to understand later is that Exotic Nigeria was trying to get us some more dignified work as premium escorts in Nigeria,” she narrates.

Nigerian Prostitutes Abandon Brothels As They Take Companionship Online -Exotic Nigeria

Tom, the CEO and Founder of Exotic Nigeria says that his vision was to give women something worthwhile to do instead of trading their bodies on the streets.

“We all know the fate of these ladies of the night in Nigeria and elsewhere. They have to endure cold nights, long hours of standing or drinking and sometimes very poor pay. We decided to first give them a platform where they can offer their porn services right from the comfort of their homes, while encouraging them to try Nigerian escort services,” he explains.

Mariam*, who has worked as an escort from the time she signed up says that getting paid for company is the best thing that ever happened to her.

“We know Nigerians love porn videos. They spend all their time on www naija porn com and Nigeria xxx video com watching Nigeria porn girls. If you visit Naija adult forums such as rawporn forum, you will see men asking for Nigerian girls whatsapp numbers for sex. We know that Naija erotic stories because our women have big boobs and butts and this is why everybody is looking for Nigerian ashawo girls. But as for me, I said no. If I can offer companionship without sex and get paid for it, why become an ashawo?” she narrates.

According to Mariam, there is a good market for paid companionship in Nigeria and abroad.

“The world has become such a lonely place you will be surprised people are paying for your company. I travel around the world with business people who just want somebody to talk to. Not everybody wants sex; they can get it from their women. And this is why I love Exotic Nigeria escort website, (” she says.

However, not every prostitute wants to leave the profession. Some are happy to continue offering sex massage and other sexual services to men who are looking for adventure in bed. Exotic Nigeria has not put a limit on this, and so besides the premium escorts in Nigeria, you will also find nude Nigerian girls who are looking for pleasure.

Nevertheless, this is not something they do full time because being online has made it easier for them to create time to explore other career options away from prostitution.

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