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AIICO Insurance Plc Financial Advisor Lady Recruitment

When you become a Financial Advisor with AIICO, you’ll help families achieve the financial security they need and desire. You’ll also make a significant contribution to your community — and when you see the difference that can make, it’s more fulfilling than you might imagine.

Superb Earning Potential

When you become a Financial Advisor , you have the ability to set your own pace and establish your own income objectives. As an AIICO agent, you are the master of your career path.


Best-in-class Sales Training a Financial Advisory Certification Program

At AIICO, we take your sales training seriously. Even if you don’t have previous experience in selling, our training program can help you pave a path to success. But training isn’t simply a program; it’s also people. AIICO employs a full-time Learning and Development function to bring learning to life; an Agency Standards function to help navigate compliance and ethical issues; and an Agency Manager to guide your career.


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Continuous Support from a Staff of Sales Experts

Long after you are established in your career, AIICO continues to support agents with ongoing workshops and programs to improve your knowledge of the business. In addition to the local office management, AIICO has product experts and support staff who frequently visit offices to share sales ideas, develop product solutions, and assist agents in the field with clients.


Full Range of Products and Services

With the variety of insurance and financial products offered by AIICO and its subsidiaries, you’ll be able to help your clients meet any number of insurance and financial goals. To give you the competitive edge, we’re constantly developing new products that satisfy the changing needs of our clients.


AIICO Insurance Nigeria


Generous Benefits Package

Not only do we boast an outstanding incentive commission program; we also offer excellent benefits for which you qualify as our agent. We even offer company reimbursement for selected programs leading to industry designations and degrees.


Opportunities in Management

After serving as an agent for at least two years, you may qualify to enter management. An AIICO Financial Advisor has more career choices than you can imagine. It’s an opportunity to be in business for yourself — but never by yourself.

AIICO Insurance Plc Financial Advisor Lady Recruitment



AIICO has the most productive agency force in Nigeria. In Life business it is the biggest Insurance Company and overall has been among the top 3 Insurance companies continuously in last 5 years.

The tradition of conservative management practices and the ability to meet customer need has built a company that people can trust with their finances and their futures. AIICO is completely dedicated to maintaining its position as both a leader among insurance companies and a major force in the financial services industry. By staying true to the principles of prudent expansion, conservative growth, and full service and, above all, a strong field force, AIICO will maintain and enhance its reputation.


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Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Develops base for long-term sources of clients by using referrals, occupational, and special-interest groups to compile lists of prospects.

2. Approaches potential clients by utilizing mailings and phone solicitation; making presentations to groups at company-sponsored gatherings; speaking publicly to community groups on financial well-being.

3. Determines clients’ particular needs and financial situations by scheduling fact-finding appointments; determining extent of present coverage and investments; ascertaining long-term goals.

4. Develops a coordinated protection plan by calculating and quoting rates for immediate coverage action and long-term implementation.

5. Obtains underwriting approval by completing application for coverage.

6. Completes coverage by delivering policy; planning future follow-up visits and evaluations of needs.

7. Provides continuing service by providing annual reviews; processing changes in beneficiary and policy loan applications.

8. Provides death benefits by delivering policy proceeds to beneficiaries.

9. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; agency meetings and review sessions; maintaining personal networks; participating in seminars, workshops and trainings.

10. Enhances agency reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
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