Still On That Sanwo-Olu Interview With Channels Television

In an apparent response to Jimi Agbaje’s outing on a leading TV station some weeks ago, a hurried arrangement was made to feature the ruling party’s candidate on TV, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

If you watch closely, you would notice it was clearly rehearsed. A rehearsal to cajoule the people into voting for his party in the coming elections. But Lagosians are smart, they won’t fall for those gimmicks. Below are some of the responses he gave to the questions he was asked.

On Continuity in Government Sanwoolu Says:

“We will be innovative and improve all of our processes.”

This looks so much like a surface response and in fact it is. What do you mean by innovative? What are you innovating? Looking at the dictionary meaning of innovative, it means to feature new methods. Does that sound familiar to you?

Let me refresh your memory a bit. The current governor tried to be “innovative” by bringing up new ideas and methods of doing things, see how far it got him.

The lords of the captive Lagos would never let a kobo escape his fingers, every kobo must go through his company or authorization.

On running mate Dr Obafemi Hamzat, Sanwoolu Says:

“Lagos is getting an amazing deal, two governors wrapped in one.”

Like the common saying goes “Two captains cannot rule a ship”. One has to bend for the other. Does that sound like good news to you?

Power tussle, conflict of interest, anarchy and many other forms of destabilization would be other of the day! Lagos government is going to suffer one of the greatest internal power tussle since the state’s establishment and this would hinder a lot of progress for the state.

How do I know there would be a power tussle, you may ask? You see, Sanwo-Olu was billed to be Obafemi Hamzat’s Chief of Staff in his attempt to run for office in 2014. He cannot and will not truly see himself as Sanwo-Olu’s deputy. With two powerful energies, the ego battles can best be imagined.

On his campaign promises Sanwoolu Says:

“We will see significant developments in waste management, education, transportation management, health etc.”

This is a clear case of someone “shooting himself in the leg”. If he says he wants to introduce new methods of waste disposal or better educational system or even a more reliable transport network, this simply means the current method is not working, because you would introduce new methods when the existing method is working.

Still On That Sanwo-Olu Interview With Channels Television

This also means the government is not doing enough with the tax payers’ money. And we also know this is a political gimmick as both the current government and the flagbearer of the ruling party are birds of a feather. I am also sure this new candidate the party is presenting (Sanwo-Olu), would not do anything substantial.

As an appointee in this government, he had the opportunity to offer his two cents on how things could be better but he did not.

Understandably, he cannot give what he does not have. In the inner most recesses of his heart, he knows that he cannot rock the boat of the establishment that propped him up.

On his readiness for governance:

“I have been preparing for this all my life.”

This is quite laughable. This is someone that has had chance time and time again to prove his worth to the people, to show he has substance. But at each opportunity he got, he failed. I would very much like if Mr Sanwo-Olu could come out and point the things he was able to achieve with the various post he held.

In his previous roles, what were his achievements? As MD of LSDPC, how many housing units were added to solve the housing challenge? As Commissioner to Establishment, how did the lot of civil servants improve?

As Commissioner for Commerce what did he do to improve the ease of doing business? What successes can be attributed to the man Babajide Sanwo-olu. So, what exactly did he say he was preparing for?

On Lagos and the Igbos Sanwoolu says:

“The narrative that Lagos dislikes the Igbos is extremely false.”

This is a very glaring case. The indigenes of Lagos and the Igbos have been co-existing for longer than I could remember. So, on the side of the people, no problem.

But on the side of the government, this doesn’t seem like a smooth journey. The current ruling party doesn’t deem to be interested in the Igbos. The royal utterance of 2015 is still fresh on the mind of the entire electorate.

A threat to drown an entire race if they did not vote for the ruling party is rather unfortunate. Lagos is home to all; it has always been and will always be.

On Technology Sanwoolu Said:

“I believe technology will play a big part in solving a lot of problems, from modelling plans to making informed predictions and then to actual solutions.”

This response has not particular meaning, when examined closely! It’s the kind of response you give to ill-informed people who don’t know much about tech. What problems are you solving? The very things tech can achieve are not in the main agender in this current administration’s master plan The Lagos electorates are not docile thinkers.

Technology is an enabler that is available to everyone. It is a leveler and people can no longer be bamboozled. Ask them (the ruling party) why activities on the light rail system has been suspended all this while, ask them why we are not yet recycling the huge plastic waste we generate in the state every day. We need someone who is actually smart and can think.

On Sanwo Free Wifi:

“We are going live this week in some of these locations. Internet for knowledge, research, empowerment and ultimately for solutions.”

These people must think we are fools. Free wi-fi you say? So, I would leave the comfort of my house in the morning in search of Sanwo-Olu free campaign wi-fi? Wow! Impressive!

While he has zero strategy on how to fix the existing bad roads, make the hospitals better funded, improve the existing poor electricity, the government and its candidate thinks its free wi-fi that would house the homeless, or feed the hungry. Zero strategy!

On Friday Of Lagos, He Says:

“For anyone to imply that Lagosians are slaves is just plain mischief. We will rank high in parts of the world.”

This is not even a matter of me thinking, it’s a matter of available facts. Even the emergence of Sanwo-Olu as the party’s candidate was decided by the boss himself, so is this not a mischief statement or something to paint him black.

Lagosians are constantly harassed by security agents day in, day out. There are tons of videos online showing police, LASTMA and other security agents harassing people! What more prove do we need to show that Lagosians are oppressed by the government that they pay taxes to?

We will rank high? If we have not ranked high in about two decades of which this current party started ruling, what can he (Sanwo-Olu) possibly do to make such happen, considering that the state is still being controlled by one man?

On Slavery and Godfatherism:

“Let us not trivialize our lives and make negative assertions about ourselves. Slavery was a reality that our forefathers had to live through.”

Godfatherism is something Sanwo-Olu cannot deny because that is what brought him to where he is today. And what else does godfathers need other than royalties. Now there is a proverb that says “He who pays the piper dictates the tune”. This case is a classic example.

Every governor that came in after Bola Tinubu was a subject to his choosing. He, has single handedly picked all governorship candidate since he left office. If this is not modern slavery, then I don’t know what is.

All Sanwo-Olu’s public statements in recent times, he has paid homage and obeisance not to Lagosians but to whom he refers to as National Leader for the opportunity to be a candidate.

In effect he couldn’t have dared to run if he was not handpicked to be endorsed.
Join Jimi Agbaje to work for a Lagos that works for all including YOU. Second slavery is what those of your ilk are currently living with.

For A Greater Lagos, Choose Freedom. Choose Democracy. Choose Lagos.

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