Story Theatre with Grandma Wura Presents Ebi-Bulu

Story Theatre with Grandma Wura is a full musical theatrical experience that showcases the rich culture of Nigeria in dance, music, drama and mime complemented by spectacular lighting and colourful costumes.

This combines all elements of Grandma Wura’s mission of raising a new generation leaders into one single unforgettable theatrical experience.
Story Theatre with Grandma Wura brings together seasoned professionals in acting and theatrical production as well as discover and develop child actors.

This year’s 5th edition of Story Theatre with Grandma Wura focuses on the South Southern part of Nigeria and promises to be most thrilling with the story of “Ebi-Bulu” which means “Good Heart”.
Ebi Bulu is a tale of two friends who share an under-the-sea adventure but are later torn apart by greed.
The story emphasises the importance of a good heart for true greatness to be achieved.


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