Sunday Service At The Club – Spoken Word Album By Wayne Samuel

Sunday Service At The Club

Black Panther, fired Secretaries of State, and thieving animals, the first quarter of 2018 has proven to be quite exhilarating, and it’s about to get even better, with the release of the most anticipated Spoken Word album of 2018. Sunday Service At the Club is the debut mixtape by Nigeria’s Spoken Word Champion Wayne Samuel (

Download the phenomenal album here for free:

Wayne Samuel recently won War of Words Season 6, Nigeria’s premiere Spoken Word Slam, thereby earning himself the indomitable monicker ‘The Godfather’.

In Sunday Service, The poet invites the listener on a daring adventure to do things in places thought impossible . He leads by example crafting poetry around trap beats and soaring violin concertos, and though every track here jumps, the poet doesn’t scheme on his message. Life, true life is found in the oddest of places, and he intends to help you find it.


Sunday Service At The Club


The mix tape kicks off with ‘Cleaning Out The Closet’, a 4minute long confessional that finds the poet removing the logs from his eyes before attempting to remove the speck from anyone else’s. It gives way to the fiery ‘Slip Into Me’ which chronicles the seductions of vice and the darkness that comes in its wake.

‘Wake Up’ is the natural follow up to the latter, a story-like conversation with a “G-Boy” and a “Runs-Girl”. ‘Ready Set No’ and ‘The Edge’ deal with overambition by unleashing such riveting lines as ‘I’m chasing these dreams like an angry Lagos mob chases thieves/I’m trying to set it on fire’ and ”Is he a – ‘ready to face the iron’ man not talking about a Stark/ I’m talking more like the T-Shirts you spray starch/ what makes him tick (thick)?’ whilst ‘The Sextape’ is yet another confessional, in more detail, touching on the redemption of a fallen man with blistering internal rhymes like ‘How could I have been found/with my pants down/hanging round/shags town/banging wild/tramps how/did she see past the perfect picture I painted to perceive my background?’.

The mixtape closes out with Spiritual Praise, a call to look beyond the surface, and delve into the great dynamics of life outside the four walls of a church.

You can download the mix tape here:

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