The Total Teenager Book Launch

The Total Teenager

The teenage years are like a roller coaster in which decisions must be made – from choice of music to relationship.

What happens when such decisions have a faulty premise? Frustration sets in and nothing meaningful can be made out of life. It is against this backdrop that this book was borne.

This book will open you up to the unseen realities confronting a teenager daily, give the edge to victorious living in this age filled with various vices and opinionated individuals.


The Total Teenager


It gives practical and insightful answers to many of life’s challenges thrown daily at a teenager. It will also help to reinvent the teenager who has taken the wrong turn in life.

This book uncovers exciting topics like music, social media, relationship and is appropriate for people aged 13+.

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Join us at the Book Launch on Boxing Day, 26th December, 2017 at Foursquare Gospel Church, Akute District Headquarters, Akute, Ogun State

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