Uber Nigeria Reviews Vehicle Requirement For Cars In Lagos

The USA-based ride-sharing company, Uber, has relaxed its vehicle requirements once again for driver partners in Nigeria. Uber Nigeria says Cars in good shape which are as old as 2000 are now accepted in Lagos.

The new requirements were announced in the form of adverts promoted by the company’s Social Media accounts, especially on Facebook. New drivers and partners were encouraged to sign up with the new Uber requirements, and start making money.


Uber Lowers Vehicle Requirments In Lagos - Now Accepting Cars As Old as Year 2000


Why Uber Nigeria Is Reviewing Car Requirements In Lagos

Uber has remained the preferred taxi option in Lagos in recent years, but is beginning to face stiff competition from direct rivals like Taxify, and indirect ones like GoMyWay and also the yellow cabs.


Uber Lowers Vehicle Requirments In Lagos - Now Accepting Cars As Old as Year 2000 - Toyota Camry


Recently, Uber Lagos did a 40% price slash which levelled its prices with those of its closest competitors, and on the other hand, angered its partners and drivers. The stringent rules and vehicle requirements no longer matched the revenue, and to relax the rules would mean dropping quality, and losing the trust of riders. In comes Germaine Auto Centre and the Uber-Germaine partnership!


The Uber-Germaine Partnership 

Vehicle maintenance is critical in the taxi business, and has been the main reason for the very strict rules Uber started with. On the average, it’s more likely for a 2010 Toyota Corolla to be in better shape than a 2010 Corolla. However, with this new partnership between Uber Nigeria and Germaine Auto Centre, the safety and performance of older cars can be guaranteed through weekly maintenance at one of Nigeria’s best auto companies.


Uber Reviews Vehicle Requirement For Cars In Lagos


Uber partners and partner-drivers can now maintain their cars for about N3000 every week. With discounts on services and car parts which are certified authentic.


Effect Of The New Uber Vehicle Requirements On Lagos Drivers And Partners

It’s good news for prospective Uber Drivers, and bad news for current Uber drivers in Lagos. If you’ve been saving up to buy a newer car and get into Uber, you’re in luck as the bar has been lowered for you.

If you’re already an Uber driver in Lagos, this sudden lowering of the vehicle requirements is bad news! Including models as old as year 2000 means far more drivers on the app for you to compete with, therefore lower revenues. You better start considering moonlighting on Taxify if you’re not doing that already. Another possible downside is that they could further slash prices with more cars, and more older cars for that matter.


Effect Of The New Uber Vehicle Requirements On Lagos Passengers

There are some benefits, and then some disadvantages of this to Uber riders. The upside is more cars available via the app, so we won’t have to wait as long as we used to in order to catch a ride. Also, this will hopefully reduce the dreaded surge which just blows the price out of this planet.

Perhaps there’s another price slash in the offing? That’s not something which can be guaranteed, except if the company is creating a new class for these cars, eg “Uber XX“.

The downside is that you may be riding in a much older cars. The Uber car requirements only improved by one year so it won’t be a major change in the quality of the cars on Uber. If you don’t mind a slightly older car like on Taxify, then this change wouldn’t bother you at all.

Thankfully, Uber still puts in a lot of effort on car inspections, so the quality of cars won’t be as bad as the worst we’ve seen on Taxify, and the drivers will still remain more polite and sane. Then of course, there’s the still the Uber-Germaine partnership to ensure cars are well maintained.


  1. Apart from been in good condition, does uber accept manually driven cars in their fleet or deals only with automatic transmitted cars.

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