Value Of Virginity And Chastity

Value Of Virginity And Chastity

Historically in Africa, the purity or virginity of a woman is seen as her worth, but as we become modernized we see that the media has become quite sexual.

This new trend will make us all believe that sex is the one thing every teenager and youth is eager to partake in but on the other side we have an African culture that seems to shame girls who lose their virginity and praise girls who keep their sexual purity.

This contrast is what Lolo Cynthia discusses in her new vlog with Ikpe Uyai.



Value Of Virginity And Chastity


They talk about the value of virginity and chastity in this modern society and also unpack the reasons why men seem to be obsessed with virgins.But that’s not all, as Uyai talks about her decision to abstain till marriage. the challenges and benefits.

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