Xklhaim Series: INÁ Launches Her Debut Collection

Ina Launches Xklhaim Series

INÁ is a word from the Yoruba language from a tribe in western Nigeria (Africa). The word means fire or light literally, however, it’s metaphoric meaning is (brilliance, stun… think of any figurative notion of fire, from a positive sentiment of course.

INÁ is a stylish brand – as concerned about what you wear as how you wear it- as the creative director of the brand is a costumier and a creative stylist. A fashion designing brand ultimately focused on simplicity that leaves a mark.

INÁ also runs a Thrift shop where they sell several types of items of clothing and accessories like shoes, bags, Eyewear and other stuff for a quite good bargain. You can always expect to get fashionable affordable and durable pieces from INÁ.



This fall, INA stuns with our very first collection,’ the Xklhaim series’… These androgynous dansikis inspired urban wear can be styled boundlessly…

As a frock- red carpet has got nothing on no girl, it is an ‘all eyes on me’, sassy and out of the box swank all the way.
The Xklhaim series as a top… with shorts, (be it mom jeans or khakis), pants, pop socks…. and shoes?….plimsolls, heels or with a pair of boot, headgears (beanies, baseball caps, snapbacks, hats… there no limits to accessorizing… with the perfect hue, it is an eyeful no doubt, just throw it on!


Ina Launches Xklhaim Series


What’s more, the collection comes in several exquisite fabrics to give you the hippy, Gothic, retro or the serious adult look you want to pull. This means you even have more options on how you want to style yourself. You can try something daring, or stick to a conservative yet elegant style.

A beam in your wardrobe, perfect choice to get you the stand out you yearn in any bash.
This New dynamic brand will launch a spring collection of tweaked jacketed button-ups sometime in April 2018.

check www.fandffashion.com for more updates

For more info : Instagram @ina_creed /@mr_ina,
inanigeria@gmail.com (08129348246, 07064843382, 08075894643)

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