YOGA WITH STACEY Mainland Yoga Is Back

YOGA WITH STACEY Mainland Yoga Is Back

Mainland Yogis Turn up!! YOGA WITH STACEY Yoga Saturdays back, whooop whoopp. I’m super excited, (tired too) but really excited because if you know, you know.

Best part is we are back with two banging slots on Saturday’s 9am and 11am for my early and not so early risers.

We will be practicing a full vinyasa flow tailored to burn out and tone, belly, upper arms, thighs and complete physical & mental strength.


YOGA WITH STACEY Mainland Yoga Is Back

What’s even greater is we’ve got our tea right after where we can gather and talk about the week and build a safe space and community with amazing people at the beautiful @guzelkadinng lounge.

So, sign up right now because for each time slot we have just 8 slots available. Monthly plans are available, no drop in’s. We encourage you to commit to investing in your mind & body because it is worth it.

So sign up right now, pop me an e-mail or drop me a dm, if you have any questions.
Classes begin on the 2nd of December so sign up now, now, don’t carry last o.

See you on your mat

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